Delainey Belle Woloszyn

Delainey Belle

Delainey BelleParents: Christy and Tim Woloszyn
Hometown: Hammond, Indiana
Carried to term, lived 23 months and 1 day

Delainey Belle’s Story


We are going to be a family!

March 3,2010: Pregnant for the second time! Hoping to get past 12 weeks this time. We tried for so long! April 21, 2010: 12 weeks is here, a little scared cause the baby doesn’t seem to be growing like it should. But we can hear the heartbeat!

June 15, 2010: 20 weeks! It’s ultrasound day! The technician is kind of mean, and telling me we are too early, we should have waited a couple more weeks, the baby is only showing to be 17 weeks along. Ultrasound is done, we want you to talk to the doctor, and by the way we’re pretty sure it’s a girl! IT’S A GIRL!!!

Talking to the doctor now and he says they feel she may have something called Trisomy 18.  What is that we ask? Here we hear it for the first time, Trisomy 18 is “incompatible with life”. I just want to leave, this was supposed to be a fun day! We were finally going to buy something for the baby today, because we were scared to do it before the ultrasound.

Let’s go home, I need to look up everything about this condition. Oh my God, she’s not going to make it! Why does my daughter have to have this? We’ve tried for so long, did we do something to deserve this? So many people excited for us, and waiting to hear what we’re having, and now we have to tell them, she’s going to die either before or at birth!

Two doctors suggest termination of my baby girl. I still cannot fathom how people who are supposed to have a love of life and help people could even suggest it. Absolutely not, I tell them, I will take what time I can get with her even if it is only five minutes. I have to tell people that my baby won’t live, if we’re lucky maybe a couple weeks. No baby shower, no baby room, we did buy a couple outfits for her so she would have something from us. Her name will be Delainey Belle, taken from her 2 Grandmas names.

November 9, 2010: she’s overdue now, she was supposed to come early according to the statistics, doc says see you  November 15, at 6am to induce labor.  I don’t want to induce, I think we should do a c-section to give her the best chance.  Doc says if there are any signs of fetal distress, we will stop inducing and schedule a c-section for that day.

Monday November 15th, 2010: started inducing labor, she’s showing signs of distress, we will do a c-section this afternoon. Getting ready to go into surgery now,  one more doctor has to come in to tell us something; “you know she’s incompatible with life”; WOW are you KIDDING me? Yes we get it, she’s going to die soon after birth if she makes it through the birth.  How a doctor can come in to tell you this before going in for surgery is beyond me.

Daddy is here now, holding my hand, here we go…4:33 she’s here!  We don’t hear anything, I can’t see anything, all I can do is ask “is she alive?”  Then we hear the most beautiful sound in the world, the shortest, tiniest cry! SHE”S ALIVE!!  One more cry, and the doctors and nurses are working on her, because yes she does have some problems, but SHE IS ALIVE! They have to take her away to take care of her.  Can I please see her!  I want to give her a kiss.  That beautiful girl looked right into her mommy’s eyes, I will never forget that moment as long as I live, I gave her a kiss and they carried her away.

Daddy’s little Angel

I am so excited you are coming into our lives!! We have tried so long to have our first child and you are finally coming!!  I was so anxious and happy to finally be a dad!! 20 week Ultrasound, something not right, need more tests. Discover some things are really serious and starting to get very scared, what’s wrong?? What did we do? We found out about Trisomy 18 and were devastated, not sure what to think.  One thing for sure, no termination as suggested, if we get five minutes, seconds, whatever, I wanted to see you!!

Delainey Belle, born 11/15/2010, such a fighter!! You beat the odds. Doing really well your first week with us, coming home end of November!! Home for Christmas. Doing good until New Years Eve, pale, back to the hospital (worst hospital ever) Dr said you will die here, never go home. Dr, again WRONG!! Home in 2 weeks, progressing, growing, doing great.  Heart issues, oh no! tests.. Drs again, no faith or hope, worthless.  You fought and fought and home again, doing great, therapies, beating the odds!

Mommy’s Miracle

23 months and 1 day, how can a time like that seem so long, but also too short. I was expecting no time at all, and was given 23 months and 1 day. Still not enough time. We enjoyed our time together. I have so many memories: that first smile, the way she touched my face, the soul searching look in her eyes.  She would light up when I walked into the room, and made any kind of day I had so much better . She was well on her way to crawling; just that last day, she drank juice from a cup like she’d been doing it all along.

She was just the most amazing person I’ve ever had the honor of knowing, and she was mine. Delainey loved Elmo, balloons, her piano; she loved rolling around on the floor playing with her toys, she was THRIVING mentally, but physically everything was starting to take a toll. Still nothing from the doctors. I will never be able to express completely what Delainey did for me, she was my joy, happiness, and the love of my life.

On October 16, 2012 while in my arms she left this world. Though we knew it would happen someday, it was still very sudden, she was not in the hospital hooked up to machines, she was with me,  the one she started life with, it was what I had prayed for since we found out what she had. I miss you terribly baby girl!! Thank you for all you gave me sweet little bug!!



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