Ellasen Jeannette Sommers


Mother: Heather Davis
Hometown:  Eldred, New York
Carried To term, lived a several hours

Ellasen Jeannette’s Story

This is a memorial page for our daughter, Ellasen Jeannette Sommers. There are no words to describe our experience with Ellasen, it was truly amazing and we wouldn’t go back and change a moment.

At my first doctors appointment we were informed that my blood work had come back positive for trisomy 18 (a “genetic disorder” that we had never heard of). After many opinions from multiple doctors, we decided to continue our pregnancy. We were told many times that we were at a high-risk for miscarriage as well as a still birth for our child but that’s not what happened..

We were graced with her presence on August 12th, 2014 at 8:22pm. After labor she was having a hard time adjusting to breathing on her own, they cleaned her up and she ate like a champ the first time she ate! As we spent time with her through the night she had minor trouble breathing and wouldn’t eat more than a few drops of formula. In the late morning we had a feeding specialist come in to work with us to see how Ellasen preferred to eat. We switched the nipple on her bottle and once again she ate like a champ. Moments after she finished her last meal she experienced upper-respiratory failure, physically leaving us. Although she is gone, we are so grateful for the time spent with her and the fact that she lived for us to be able to meet her.

If you are able, we ask you make a donation to the Trisomy 18 foundation; Not just for Ellasen and our families, but for every family who has suffered from the life changing results of Trisomy 18.



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