Isaiah’s Story


In January 2016 I became pregnant. My husband and I were overjoyed to be expecting again. After my preliminary blood screening the doctor called me and told me that Trisomy 18 was found and that we needed to go to a genetics office. We went to the genetics office and they offered an amniocentesis to see if it was a full, partial, or mosaic Trisomy 18.

In May we got the results and were told that our son had full trisomy 18. The doctor asked us if we wanted to terminate the pregnancy but we declined immediately that we would continue the pregnancy. On September 21, 2016 we had a baby boy delivered by c-section weighing 4lbs 9oz, we named him Isaiah. After delivery our son went to the NICU3 for two weeks only on high-pressure air flow and c-pap monitoring. Isaiah developed high levels of jaundice but only had to be under the lights for two days. After that he was moved to the level 2 NICU he stayed for a week and a half before coming home.

On October 14,2016 we brought our baby boy home. Things were great the first week but then I put Isaiah in the bassinet to nap, and after about 10 minutes I looked back in to check on him and noticed that he was purple and was not breathing.  He was put back in the hospital for another week in the pediatric ICU for aspiration. We came back home for another week only to be rushed back to the hospital with pneumonia.

Today Isaiah is 7 weeks old, is on 24 hr oxygen and has an NG tube for feeding, he also has several heart defects. He is a true fighter and as long as he is willing to fight for his life my husband his two brothers and I plan to fight as well.

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