Mary Elizabeth Stewart

Mary Elizabeth Stewart

Mary Elizabeth Stewart

Parents: Yolanda & Quincy Stewart
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Carried to term, lived 42 days

Mary Elizabeth’s Story

Hello my name is Yolanda Stewart and my husband is Quincy. At 20wks we were told our ultrasound didn’t look right. So after going to a specialist we were informed poor Mary had Trisomy 18.That didn’t hit to hard but the news after that was heartbreaking. (1).She might not make it full term.(2).You mighty miscarriage.(3).If you make it full term she might pass during birth.(4)She might pass minutes after birth. So as most of you know the news goes from bad to worst. 

But we made it full term, and on July 7 2014. Mary Elizabeth Stewart was born. Joy to the world. She had some of the best and sweetest nurses and doctors. But sad to say on August 18, 2014 God opened his arms to receive our Mary. We enjoyed all the smiles and laughs she gave us.

Loving and missing her very much.

Thank you, Mrs. and Mr. Stewart.





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