Nicole Elizabeth


The one word I use to describe Nicole is radiant. She went through life smiling, enjoying the little things, absorbing life around her, despite battling against the many hardships her whole life. We were cousins 10 years apart, but it’s safe to say we were made to be platonic soulmates. Nicole enjoyed music, karaoke nights, and being around friends and family. After she was born, she spent 9 months in the NICU, the moved to a nursing home for 4 months and 3 days, and then finally being able to come home. She lit up any room she entered with a smile no one could ignore. She managed to get 36 miraculous years in, and not a second was wasted. After going into stage 4 organ failure, beating Covid twice, and a long and valiant battle, she passed away at home, surrounded by family in February. She was truly radiant, an irreplaceable soul.

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