Our angel “Demondre”


My baby boy Deondre was born August 1980 and passed away at the age of 11.  Even though it’s been many years, I still miss his beautiful eyes and his amazing smile. The day Deondre was born I was so happy but two days later the doctor diagnosed him with Trisomy 18.

He wasn’t breathing at birth but my faith in God confirmed he would be okay. The doctor suggested I put him in a home and that really hurt. I knew I could never put my son in a home and so I took him home and gave him the best care I could. I was told he wouldn’t live to be a year old, but God had different plans for Deondre and gave us much longer. He was my second child and was loved by many. Deondre had good and bad days but he always smiled through it all.

I heard him take his last breath while he was laying in the hospital special breathing crib. That was the worst day of my life, but it was also a blessing because all of his suffering was over.  Deondre is and always will be my angel in heaven. God bless you all and know our babies were sent by God for a reason. Always in my heart❤️

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