Sean Edward York


Father: Larry York
Hometown: Woodsboro, Texas
Born asleep at 28 weeks

Sean Edward’s Story

For my wife and me having our own child seemed like a wish that would never be granted. You see my wife has a medical condition that prevents her from conceiving a child. But after ten years of being together and almost eight years of marriage that wish came true. We were blessed with a pregnancy.

Nothing could have been more awesome than having a child of our own. Initially everything was great, all of our family and friends were ecstatic that we would be having a child. But then when our OB/GYN ran the Maternit-E 21 test and discovered that our child was diagnosed with trisomy 18 all of our hopes and dreams began to fade.

We continued to hope for the best but more and more tests were reveling the existence of the trisomy 18. Finally after 28 weeks of pregnancy Sean succumbed to the syndrome and his little heart stopped beating. My wife and I were devastated. He was delivered still-born,

I held my son in my arms a proud father knowing this would be my only time to hold my new-born son. It was a great moment and it was the saddest moment of my life. No parent should ever have to bury their child.



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