17 weeks


We have just started our journey with our first pregnancy. After the 12th week appointment the doctor announced to us that or baby has a rare condition called a gastroschisis, so he sent us to a specialist at Duke. At 14 weeks we had our first appointment at Duke. The doctors were knowledgeable and professional. After the ultrasound the doctor decided that the babys diagnosis was instead a omphalocele similar to a gastroschisis but it is covered by the tissue. The catch 22 is that it is popularly carried with chromosomal abnormalities. So the doctors decided that we needed extra testing so we decided on cell free testing because it had lower risk. After 10 days of waiting our news came back this past monday. Our baby has Trisomy 18 and we are trying to be strong and understand. We know the journey will be tough but we will love Our child through it all.

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