Emillia Renee


Emillia Renee
We had been “trying” for a while. I called and scheduled a MD apt to try to find out the problem and a couple days before the apt. I was pregnant! We were thrilled and told everyone right away.
​First trimester wasn’t smooth. There was cramping, bleeding and oh the nausea! I had an ultrasound almost every 2 weeks and then the 2nd trimester came and bleeding and nausea gone still cramping but was told that’s normal. I was scheduled for an ultrasound at 19 weeks. My husband and I went and were so disappointed that the baby had its legs crossed and we couldn’t tell the sex. Looking back, how trivial that was. Leaving the u/s I said to the tech “healthy baby??” and she answered, “healthy baby.” We went to lunch to celebrate and got the call from my MD’s office that they wanted to reschedule my week from now apt to tomorrow. I asked why and they told me just rescheduling.

They found she (It’s a girl!) was missing one of her forearm bones. They were sending me to a specialist to rule out any syndromes. I had to wait 2 agonizing weeks to get in. I started doing research thinking the worse and was crying constantly. By the end of the two weeks I started thinking, ok so she’ll just have a funky arm.
​At the apt a tech did the ultrasound and all she said was the baby is measuring small. Then doc comes in and wants to redo u/s, at this point my heart is racing. Dr. tells us that she will answer questions but not during the U/S. They then led us into an office, not an exam room! I remember saying while we waited this will be the last moments of hope enjoy them. Then the doctor comes in and gives us a list of things she seen “wrong” on the ultrasound. The baby is not going to make it and she thinks its trisomy 18. I had the amniocentesis to confirm that day.

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