Gabriella Joy Everlasting

Gabriellla Joy Estrada

Baby Brie, Gabriella Joy, you are now home with our Lord Jesus Christ. You died peacefully in mommy’s arms.

Born with a very rare Trisomy 18 genetic condition, you miraculously survived procedures that even amazed your doctors. Most Trisomy 18 babies don’t even make it to birth and if they do, many don’t live beyond 10 days. Gabriella Joy, you are truly a miracle baby- you were with us for an amazing 8 weeks.

Your nurses called you a “fighter”, “feisty”, “sassy” and said you had a temper. Despite everything going against you, you were so strong.

Before you, we thought we were believers in Jesus and we hoped and trusted in Him… to a point. From conception to death, you taught us how to dive even deeper in our faith into unknown depths and REALLY TRUST IN GOD: to move mountains in situations that seem dark and hopeless, to hope in the Lord in all things, and to believe that miracles do happen. This was your legacy to us.

Our family held your hand for days, but you changed our hearts and lives forever. We will never forget you, our baby. You were and you are still very much loved. Now that you are in heaven, ask Jesus for peace and healing for your family. Rest in peace, our sweet Gabriella Joy.

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