Katelyn Elizabeth Payne

Katelyn Payne (1)

Katelyn’s Legacy
Katelyn was born December 17th, 2010 with full Trisomy 18. We were given an incredible 40 days. We longed for more time, but are so grateful for those precious days. Our feelings are summed up by her Daddy’s words at her memorial.

“At 4lbs 10oz Katelyn came into the world with purpose. She had a mission that began before she was born and will continue on well into the future. Katelyn was sent here to inspire. Many have told us that we have inspired them throughout this journey, but I don’t think that is entirely true. We were just parents trying to do what was best for our baby girl. She was always our inspiration. She made us strive to be better parents, to be a better family, to be better Christians, and to just be better people. I know she has done the same to everyone in this room, and to many more that could not be here today. To touch the lives of so many people without ever uttering a word is truly amazing.

We feel privileged to be a part of this miracle, and I hope you feel the same. We hope and pray that we will continue to see God’s purpose, and that her legacy will continue on into the future.

It gives us great comfort to know that while she was here her life was filled with overwhelming love and joy from friends and family that understood what a miracle she was. Her sisters would always fuss over who could get the longest turn to hold her, and on many occasions there may have been people literally standing in line to get their turn. One day at a doctor’s appointment the doctor asked “Are you laying her down on her back to sleep?” Michele and I looked at each other for a second, then smiled when we replied “I don’t think she has been laid down yet!” We also take comfort in knowing that she is now in heaven with a Father that loves her more than we do, and with the others in our family that have gone on before her. We can only imagine those lining up to hold her now, and who is getting the longest turn.

Katelyn always had a look of contentment as if she knew something we didn’t. I believe she knew her time here was brief, and she could hear the sounds of heaven ringing in the background. She knew she was destined for a better place. Although we had infinite hope for her, we always knew she wasn’t ours to keep.”

She will be forever loved and forever missed.


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