Hogan Daunte Lloyd Labbe


On December 22 2021 my fiancé and I were headed to an ultrasound sound for our baby. We were so excited. This being my first child and being 40 I was a bit emotional. As we sat and watched and saw all the pictures I was overcome with tears of joy. When the ultrasound tech finished he said someone was going to come in to speak with us. We waited anxiously for what seems like an eternity. When the tech came back he told us that our family dr would give us a call. Our family dr is a long time friend of mine so I reached out right to no response. As my fiancé was crazy scared and upset I decided to pick up pizza from her favourite place. As we waited in fear and silence he called back. He informed us that if our baby made to term and survived birth he would not have viable life. We were absolutely devastated. We thought we were going go home and tell her kids if the were having a brother or sister. Instead I had to break the news to them. That was the second hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

After a Christmas of faking happiness our dr sent us to a special clinic that is 3 hour drive from where we live. We drove to that fiat appointment and found that that our baby indeed had trisomy 18. Something neither of us had ever heard of. It seems to us the doctors were pushing us to terminate the pregnancy but we decided that wasn’t the way we wanted to go. After several more appointments and millions of tears it was the week before Easter. It was to be the last ultrasound before the big day. They had found a new problem with the babies stomach so the wanted to induce her the next week. With Covid running amuck we had to give a short list of who wanted to come to the hospital. For sure my fiancé kids and also my day so he could bless the baby which was very important to us.

They induced her the morning of Good Friday and we waited. Around 1 in the morning the baby was on the way. I called her sister and my dad who were at hotel a few blocks away. Not knowing how long we’d get with him we had to get them there fast. As I made those calls the baby decided he couldn’t wait for and when I came back in the room there he lay on her chest. My jaw hit the floor my heart jumped out of chest. All the fears they instilled in us were for not. He was beautiful he was an angel. I held him as close and tight as I could. When family got there being a holiday they let my mom and sister her mom in when were told they wouldn’t be allowed. They all got spend the 59 minutes of pure bliss with beautiful Hogan Daunte Lloyd Labbe. Trisomy 18 has changed me forever. Something I had never heard of. Every year for my birthday this is the Facebook fundraiser I will support. Rip my sweet boy

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