Holly Jo’s Story


While pregnant my 11 week genetic bloodwork came back with an abnormal finding for trisomy 18. It was confirmed later during pregnancy through amniocentesis. We opted to follow through the pregnancy even with the chances of survival not being high. Holly was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect before birth as well. She was born on 12/03/2020 and will turn 3 this year (in only a few days) Her trisomy was confirmed after birth with genetic blood work again. She has suffered from the VSD heart defect, optic nerve hypoplasia, balance issues, severe skin sensitivities and a few other treatable concerns. Overall, she is a healthy and well functioning toddler. We are very blessed and so glad that we decided against terminating pregnancy because she is absolutely perfect no matter what and every minute we get with her is more than we ever expected we would.

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