Jordan Michael’s Story

Jordan Michael 2

Parents: Crystal and Johnathon
Born to heaven, July 29, 2004

Jordan Michael’s Story

After learning of their baby’s diagnosis in June 2004, Johnathon and Crystal met with their doctors. They felt they wanted to carry to term, but after further research and many more meetings with a panel of doctors the learned that their son’s chances for surviving were very low. Crystal said, “They listed all the problems Jordan had and, that is when my heart changed. I no longer wanted him to stay. I wanted his suffering to end and for him to live the life he was meant to live the life of an angel.”

Crystal and Johnathon let their family know when they made their plans for an early induction. They shared everything that the doctors had told them and they prayed for strength. Crystal shares her feelings surrounding Jordan’s birth, “He was stillborn. He had the face of an angel, so at peace. His body was tangled like no one could imagine, but his face! My perfect son.”

Jordan Michael 3In the event that Jordan survived delivery. Crystal and Johnathon decided not to intervene with life-saving measures. He was to be placed in their arms to rest. Jordan was held by all his aunts and uncles that were able to come, and his grandparents from both sides. Crystal also held baby Jordan and Johnathon watched with such pain in his eyes because he just loved his son so much. Johnathon laid his hands on baby Jordan and said goodbye.

Their faith helped Crystal and Johnathon with their decision making. “We prayed every day and we were on so many prayer chains. Some were praying for a miracle and some were praying for God’s will to be done. Both were done on July 29th. The miracle was his precious face God spared for us to see and God’s will was done because he was born angel and he suffered none.” Crystal is thankful for the memories she had of Jordan kicking her before he was born. She is also thankful that God was with them throughout this entire experience. She shares, “Without God by our side along with our parents and siblings this would be the situation that would break us. But instead it is making us strong and loving and closer as families. Jordan is in the best place and we will see him again.”

Jordan Michael 2“Just lean on God and know he wouldn’t give you something you cannot handle. He will give you strength when you need it. Like the Footprints poem says when you see one set of foot prints know that it’s because God is carrying you.”




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