Justin Friedrich


My name is Justin Augustus Friedrich and I was born on October Eighteen Nineteen Ninety-Four. When I was born, I didn’t really notice that I was different nor did I know that I had a unique DNA. All I knew then was just that I am a child born with a loving family. Even though every aspect of my life there was a little hint that I was different, I guess I just didn’t notice it quite yet. I don’t remember much from when I was born but I heard from my parents when I came into the world doctors told my mom that I wouldn’t be able to do anything. However, one doctor saw the potential in me and knew that I was going to be special. That doctor was Dr. Hooten. That’s something that I’ll never forget. Well, my eyelids didn’t work properly when I was a young boy, so I went to an eye doctor (to be honest I forgot the name of the eye doctor because I only met him I think twice) and he did surgery on my eyes so I can see. To be honest, I didn’t notice I was different back then. That was until I finally learned what sarcasm was or the first blood test that I remember that my mom and I went to the waffle barn restaurant after. Its probably the sarcasm one because it took a really long time to understand it, however the blood test took a long time as well. May I show you what I learned about me?

The first thing I started to learn besides swimming, walking, and talking is never give up. I heard from my dad when I was little when I wanted to look at him I found a way to look at him upside down. Guessing, when I was young I still didn’t give up. Sometimes people when they see me, they think I’m not going to do well. However, I’m a hard worker because I never give up. Even though there are times that I would have given up, I keep on going because I want to prove to people that I am capable of doing the task because I never give up.

The second thing I learned is that parents are pretty supportive. They are always around and make their kids happy. My family is the most important part of my life. There are some funny times, sad times, and happy times. My family loves to be funny. Even though my siblings tease me a lot that I sound like a police siren, I always look back at it and laugh at it. I even had a pretty good relationship with my grandparents. My grandma on my mom’s side was there when I was born (Heard that from my mom). Also, my grandparents from my dad’s side lived with us for a short while. They are so funny and I miss them, but I know they’ll always be in my memories and in my heart. A happy time, even my family was extremely happy, was when I graduated Woodcreek High School in May 2013. I was really honored to be in a speech and I got a standing ovation when my name was called. The standing ovation was so loud you couldn’t hear the female name being called.

The third thing that I learned is that doing things yourself can be tricky. When learning how to do stuff on your own is really important. Sometimes it will take the right kind of help to get close to there. For me that was a gymnastic teacher named Mrs. Rhonda. She was a pretty good teacher and helped me a lot.

I also had an appreciation for music no matter what kind it was. It probably started when I was doing piano lessons by Mrs. Lajudice and then Mrs. Cinnamon. I still have some knowledge of doing music. However, it didn’t come back until Woodcreek High School and I was in the Marching Band for four years. The Music Director Mr. North is a funny guy and he was also a piano teacher there. I played bass drums and the cymbals at that time and in the stand I played a concert snare drum. During that time I even got an inspirational award and a cup that says, “Have a Wonderful Day.” I am still continuing my music to spread joy for my family and to spread joy to people who need some inspiration.

At first when being taught it can look pretty challenging. Sure, yes it is pretty challenging but I always remember a special song that I like that inspires me to keep on going. That song is “Don’t Give Up” by Eagle Eye Cherry. I can be good at things like talking about myself and math. However, there are other things that I’m not quite good at just yet. I work hard on English because that’s the hardest subject that I have to do. I got a precalculus award for one of the people top in class. I even took a full year of calculus and passed it. 

I also have experience in sports and they are pretty good experiences. The gymnast abilities helped me with one of the sports that I did. That was cheerleading for a team called Pride of Power. That was fun while it lasted but I didn’t think that felt like me. I tried some other sports like Golf, Bowling, Soccer, Basketball, and Bocce. The Soccer one was a pretty long time ago but sometimes I play with my family on my dad’s side. Usually every year, they have a Soccer game around the end of the year. That is always pretty fun and sometimes I still want to play that game. The Basketball one was also pretty fun but it didn’t feel like me and it was a little confusing. The bowling, golf, and bocce sports it kind of felt like these were calling me. I think it was probably because of my Grandpa and he will always be with me in my memories and in my heart. He was a pretty good bowler and sometimes when I feel that he is right beside me I feel like he is saying, “Focus Scoob.” I haven’t seen him golf but sometimes I play minigolf with him when I was little and it’s always a fun game.

My dream is to be working at Disneyland or working in Disney. I feel a connection in the Disney movies and I even like the cast members who make sure the guests are happy. I’m still working on that dream goal because I’m working pretty hard to find a way to work there. Sometimes I feel like that is an impossible goal, but other times I know it could be right for me.

What I want people to know that are like me, just be yourself, work hard, and never give up. As long as you have a supportive family, supportive friends, and supportive workers, you’ll be ok. My memories are still growing from learning how to bike ride to learning how to drive to even learning about taking the bus. Every day, I always have a smile and at the end of the day I give people a smile saying, “Have a Wonderful Day!” It’s my way of spreading happiness to people. So, to all who are reading this I hope you all are having a wonderful day!


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