Mitchell Emil McCollum

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Mitchell Emil was conceived in love and grew surrounded in that love. We learned early in the pregnancy that he had T-18, and his time would most likely be limited. As his parents, we supported him completely throughout his natural life span, enjoying every moment of the pregnancy with Mitchell. Our sweet little guy would make his presence known with powerful kicks and lively rolls. Every night we would play a music box for him; with his excited movement towards the music we knew he was enjoying its melodies.
We had seven and one half months with Mitchell. He passed on 7/27/2017. Our gymnast was still.
We were able to hold him that same evening, joining us just before midnight. His perfect little body had the appearance of one at peace, in a deep sleep. Surrounding him were his closest family, able to welcome and bid him farewell. As with any other new edition to a family, those present held and snuggled our precious boy.
It is not the amount of time we are alive that matters, it is the love we experience. This is Mitchell’s message, and we are honored to share his story.

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