Oliver Robert Gorman Stendahl, Our Little Angel


After trying for pregnancy for a year and a half, when we heard we were being blessed with Oliver we couldn’t be more ecstatic. We were the most excited and blessed parents in the whole world- preparing to meet him everyday. We found out our son was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 at just short of 23 weeks. After meeting with many specialists and doctors, we found out Oliver’s chance of survival was virtually none. His heart, coupled with a list of other complications, made him incompatible with life outside the womb.

This devastating shock blew us away. Our hearts breaking, we had to act fast. Carrying any further could create other complications for mama. With heavy, sad hearts, we scheduled an early induction. Coming to terms with losing our baby was and still is unbearable. However, our strength and love for one another, the strength and love of our friends and family, along with our faith, gave us the strength needed to deliver our sleeping angel.

Oliver was stillborn just after 23 weeks. We got to finally see our sweet, perfect boy. The things he was missing on the inside couldn’t be seen on the outside- and he was a true perfect angel. We held him, read to him and had photos taken. We are forever touched by his strong kicks inside his mamas belly, and by the bond that we created as he grew inside his mama. We are blessed just to have spent such a short time with him. And we know that one day we will meet him in heaven, and he will go fishing with his daddy- just like we always planned.

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