The Importance Of Abigail


Our beautiful daughter Abigail Charlotte Parks was born on 6th April 2013 at 7.18pm. She weighed just under 5 ½ pounds and was the prettiest girl I had ever seen. Abigail scored 8/10 on the Apgar test proving that she truly was a miracle. Abigail was born to a song by Misty Edwards called Fling Wide, as I was heavily breathing in Lavender and Jasmine. The room was full of pretty pink balloons etc.

Abigail was diagnosed as having trisomy 18, also called edwards syndrome, at my 20 week scan. We were told there was nothing humanly possible they could do, so we prayed and sought God in the Bible to see what He had to say. Abigail had 9 ½ wonderful weeks with us. Now she dances with Jesus and sings with the angels in heaven.

She was named after Abigail in the Bible who became a wife of King David, as she showed much courage, faith and risked her life to save others. Her name means the Fathers joy and indeed she is. The memories we have are some of our greatest treasures. Her eyes were stunning.

We are writing her story because like all parents we want to boast and brag about her. Abigail was nicknamed Mrs Kissy and Dolly On The Move. Although she leaves no monetary will or inheritance she leaves a massive positive legacy in our hearts that has and will continue to effect us daily. Her short life, like all of us, was so very significant, precious and valuable to our heavenly Father.

Each day I would sing songs of truth over Abigail and she loved it when I changed her nappy. Most evenings she would watch films of deliverance and freedom with her daddy. Abigail’s favourite was Tangled. Her favourite toy was a pink musical sea horse, that lit up and played Ode To Joy. Abigail’s favourite outing was when she noticed the lights in the Red Lion Hotel. Her favourite nurse was Lorna although Abigail had a soft spot for Dr. N Brown too! She was always swaddled in her lovely hand made knitted blanket from Aunty Elaine. Abigail loved her nana.

We want to thank God for her life and the nurses here who helped us in our time of need. They will never be forgotton, nor the many believers that were faith filled and even half faith filled. Our Church City Gate were tremendous at supporting us! What a great family they are! Full of God’s love and compassion. We also want to thank Abigail for being the best daughter a parent could ever have. It was worth every moment and can not wait to hold you again!

Grace, Nick and James Parks

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