Tiffany Lauren Williams


August 24 1988 was the day God blessed our family with our first daughter. I was induced @33 weeks due to pre-eclampsia. Tiffany was born emergency c-section. She could breathe on her on. She weighed 3lb5oz 15 1/2 in long. We didn’t know she had Trisomy 18 until she was born. The doctors saw signs like rocker bottom feet, low set ears so they did the genetic testing. After 2 weeks we were told the horrible news that she wouldn’t live past her first birthday. We were in total beleif. We had her baptized that same day. I begged God to let me keep her. I didn’t care if she was blind, crippled, deaf. I would live here anyway.

We were blessed with her for 25 years. God is so good. In the beginning we had our ups and downs. We have so many memories. More good than bad. Tiffany enjoyed life to the fullest. Her biggest experience was going to school and graduating from high school. She enjoyed traveling so much. Loved flying. We also got her a wonderful make a wish to Give kids the world. We went to all the Disney parks. I tell people Tiffany’s mission here was completed. She taught us all unconditional love and brought us closer to God. We will be together again. I thank God for choosing my family to love and enjoy his beautiful angel here on earth. My message to new families is to never give up on your baby.

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