Gracie Lou is an Angel too…


In March, we were surprised to find out that we were pregnant! We went for our first doctors appointment in April and were so excited after seeing Baby Tusa busy moving around during the ultrasound. We then visited with our doctor when they shared they found a possible concern during the ultrasound, which could possibly mean the baby could have down syndrome or Trisomy 18.
We shared with our families at Easter that we were “eggspecting!”
After some thought, we decided to go through with a blood test that would determine the diagnosis. About a week later we got the heartbreaking phone call that Baby Tusa more then likely had Trisomy 18, but it was still not a definite. It was then suggested that we have an amniocentesis done at Children’s and meet with a genetic counselor. On Mother’s Day we decided to open the envelope to find out that….we were having a GIRL! We shared with our boys that we would be expecting another baby, but this baby was really sick.

After completing the amniocentesis, we were back to the waiting game. During this time we had become hopeful and felt that no news must mean good news! We were again heartbroken when the phone call confirming that Baby Girl Tusa would have Full Trisomy 18 in every chromosome.
During this time I knew that we needed to embrace the time we would have with Gracelyn Louise and create “happy” memories with the boys.

On Friday, September 27th, 2019 our Gracelyn Louise Tusa was born at 1:52pm, 15″ long and 3lbs 2oz. We were able to snuggle with her in the delivery room.

We then were brought back to a room where we were soon able to have our boys and families join us. She occasionally would try to peek out of one eye and was such a peanut snuggling in with those there to love on her!! They knew it may be just time as her heart rate was low. At one point they came to check vitals and then requested for a pediatrician to come in. She peacefully passed away in my arms.

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